Ability to survey by multiple Reps


We understand Veeva out of the box provides option to survey in 2 ways - 

  • One time - one Rep can submit the survey only once
  • Recurring - multiple Reps can submit same survey, process will create multiple survey targets

We have received a business requirement where multiple Reps want to submit same survey multiple times. Is there any such enhancement request already in Veeva roadmap in coming time? 

If we think about customization around this, we would like to understand, if Veeva plans to introduce offline validation rule on survey, currently it is not enabled

Many thanks in advance



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    Venkatesh Vemulapalli


    You can Create sharing setting for the survey target object  and create user group to add the users/Territories and  share the group to the survey with read and write permission


    Venkatesh Vemulapalli



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