Veeva Enagage to add User Attendees

For regular calls, it is possible to add User Attendees, however for Engage calls it is not, can we enhance this functionality.

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    Leticia Gutierrez Official comment

    Thank you for your comment.

    Even though it's currently possible to create a group Call from a person Account to start an Engage Meeting (Person Account Call using the --paa section signal), there's limitations in this scenario:

    • additional attendees do not  get a unique Engage URL generated for them
    • send invitation via Approved Email may only be used for the primary Account
    • tracking of the Remote Meeting Attendee records will all look up to the parent Call

    Veeva CRM Product team is currently working on enhancing this functionality in the upcoming releases, so that our customers may schedule Engage Meetings from All Person Account Group Calls: generate unique Engage Meeting URLs for all Attendees, send invitations via Approved Email and track against each person Account.

    Recommended approach in the meanwhile is to schedule the meeting from a Business Account or create a group Call from a Person Account sharing the unique URL that is intended for the primary account with all the call attendees (with the above caveats). 

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