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Allow Users with Delete Permission to Delete Documents without Removing from Binders first




  • Adam McMillan

    Thank you for this suggestion. I had a meeting recently about this with a customer, and have noted it as something to look into providing an easier solution for.

    For now, is it possible to define a process whereby a delete request is sent to a user who does have power delete permission? Either putting the doc into a new state, or defining some kind of delete workflow process so a Power Delete user can exercise on that user's behalf?

  • Olivier Melis

    Hi, we would be highly interested in the same functionality.  It creates frustration from users that can not delete drafts because it has been put in a binder.  Our current way of working is creating an IT ticket to request deletion of draft.  it is cumbersome to our IT staff, so much easier if a standard user could do it.


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