does Veeva JDK support query to Report instead to Object

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does anyone that current release of Vault JDK support query service to query a report instead of Object?






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    Graham G

    Hi James - our reports our built on top of VQL which is available in the SDK via the QueryService. We have plans to make the queries used in reports more available in the future, but currently they are not accessible.

    Best regards, Graham

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    James Huang

    Thanks Graham. 

    If I undertand you correctly, I can use query service to query a report instead of Object or Document using VQL statement using Veeva SDK?

    If this is not the case, is there any SDK API to serach the source Document change order (DCO) from target Document (SOP for example). Does use have access to document relationship, which I am not sure is implemented as object? or something else?


    Happy Easter!


    Many Thanks



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    Graham G

    Hi James - the relationship between documents is its own entity "relationships": https://developer.veevavault.com/vql/#about-vault-objects-and-fields. You are not able to access the queries used by reports currently. We will consider supporting this in the future.

    Happy Easter! Graham  

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