'Report View' under Configuration Tab

Hello Everyone,

I don' see any option for creating report view on Binders. Is there a way by which I can create a 'Report View' on Binders?

I am attaching the image from my Vault with available 'Report Types'.


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    Graham G

    Hi Pranil - binder reports are not yet supported as report views. However they are on the roadmap, and we hope to support them in the next few releases.

    Best regards, Graham

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    Pranil Kamble

    Thank you Graham!

    Another thing which I could not do was taking report on application roles user details and documents.

    Ex. I want to get email address of an owner of a document. Is there a way by which we can achieve this?


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    Graham G

    Hi Pranil - good question. For most user references you can join to the user object eg Created By. Role fields are not yet supported because they are handled in a different way and can include multiple comma separated values. I have added your company to our internal tracker for this feature request.

    Best, Graham

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