Need some guidance around Vault configuration

Hi There,

We are having a business requirement as indicated below -

For e.g. - if a reference R is linked to a document A having an user role associated as coordinator then only the specific user needs to be added in the viewer role of the reference R. The document A & Reference R belongs to different lifecycles.

Is this at all achievable through vault configuration or through Veeva SDK? Just wanted some candid feedback before taking a stab at it.

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    Adam McMillan


    At this time there is no Trigger framework for Create/Update/Delete actions on documents. I think what you're asking for is:

    • A document relationship is added, which fires a trigger
    • that trigger adds the user in the coordinator role to the viewer role on the newly associated document

    In theory that's a very SDK sounding idea, but right now I'm afraid there are no triggers on documents.

    You could look to do the same thing, but instead of it happening at the exact time the document relationship is added, do it when the document passes through a lifecycle state (state entry actions do support SDK)

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