Veeva SDK : Impact due to new release

HI Team,

I need the detailed information in the following questions:

1. How Veeva SDK code is stored in vault server.
2. is there any impact due to Veeva release. please provide the reason why there is no impact or there is any impact and their consideration.


Mithun Soni

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    Sameer Mehta Official comment

    Hi Mithun,

    The answers to your questions are as follows:

    1.  Custom code using the Veeva Vault SDK is stored as metadata and can be migrated from release to release with no changes required on your part. 

    2. There is no impact on custom code using the Veeva Vault SDK as the SDK is backwards compatible. If new functionality is introduced in a release that improves upon existing features, the old methods are marked as deprecated but are still supported. This is done to ensure that custom code does not need to be updated or migrated from release to release. You can learn more about new SDK features in the release notes which can be found in the Vault Developer Portal.

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