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I have created a report to find out the people acting as both Business Owner and Task Owner(Reviewer/Approver) roles in the same document. 
We have communicated to the markets that one person should not act as both Business owner and as a Task Owner(Reviewer/Approver) role in the same document. 
But still we see users are not following and that is the reason we have build a report to find out the users. Attached is the screenshot of the report. But, we would like to know: 
Can we add a filter on report to see if bus owner = task owner OR can we create a formula field on report to display TRUE or FALSE when bus owner = task owner?





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    Graham G

    Hi Akash - thanks for letting us know this enhancement would be useful for you. We are adding OR logic support for documents and objects in 20R2. Adding this for workflow reports as well is on our roadmap.

    Thanks, Graham

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    Akash Venugopal

    Thanks Graham G. I see that feature is available in 20R2.

    Thanks, Akash

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