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Ability to start a workflow from a Bulk Action



  • Krzysztof Dzienisiuk

    Hi Agnieszka :)

    I think that would be very neat to have this! Currently system offers multi-document workflow which has similiar functionality but is very limited and do not have such flexiblity as could have triggering workflow from bulk action.

    I hope this suggestion will be noticed by Veeva team :)

    Best regards,



  • Ansoo Kim

    Hi Team,


    I have same request for this case and as a additional request, I want to bulk approving multi tasks in one time.

    Some power users in our Vault, they usually have 20~30 same daily object tasks and waste time to complete the tasks one by one.

    If there is any bulk workflow initiation or bulk approving for same tasks, It would be really helpful to user and saving huge time for site.

  • Shermin Ho

    It would be very helpful to be able to start workflow from report, especially since report has the ability to define filters/parameters across related objects.


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