Binder Feature Update

We have a scenario where business would like to display the number of documents added to a binder folder section in the name of the folder/section itself without expanding the entire folder/section in it.

This would be beneficial for the business to keep a track of number of documents existing in a binder section or if it is blank without putting the effort to pull a report or expand it each time manually to keep a count.


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    Adam McMillan

    Thank you for the suggestion. Ultimately, there is a big performance concern to calculate all the lower levels. Would it be helpful to provide the number of documents in a specific section only?

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    Anshula Tiwari

    Thank you Adam for getting back. Yes it would be quite useful for the business partners to have the number of docs displayed in each child or sibling section/subsection.



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    Adam McMillan

    Thank you for your feedback!

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