Enhancements for Automated Image Renditions in PromoMats

I'd like to ask for few enhancements in regards to Auto-image renditions (http://vaulthelp2.vod309.com/wordpress/applications/promotional-materials-edition/creating-automated-image-renditions-promomats-medcomms/#about_automated_image_renditions):

#1: We would like the ability to name the rendition files using metadata from the associated source document. There are 2 cases:

  • Document number - currently when a PSD or AI image is uploaded it automatically generates a "Lo" rendition file that is always called "lo.png" (for every image). Can it keep the original file name and just add "_LO" to the end?
  • File name as a prefix - can we specify how the rendition file is named? We would like "Doc number_LO" and "Doc number_HI" – we do not have such option today
  • Ideally, their implementation is not hard-coded to one field but provides flexibility in applying metadata values to the file names.

#2: Add the ability to automatically watermark renditions as they are made, with the ability to use metadata values as conditions when to add the watermark.

For example, “watermark all components of subtype image when the Restricted value = yes.”  We would like the ability to apply different watermarks for different conditions, such as different rendition types or different metadata conditions.

Eventually we might like the ability to drive updates to renditions based on changes to status – for example, watermarking a rendition as expired when the status of the document changes to expired.

#3: It would be great if the ability to make auto-renditions was something that could be done more flexibly than only when the source is first uploaded.

For example, if we wanted to push auto-renditions to external systems, it would be useful if we could trigger those at  a certain status rather than making when the image is first uploaded.


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