Reviewers/Approvers from API


Is there an easy way to retrieve who reviewed/approved a specific version of a document using the API?

Is analysing the audit trail the only option?




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    Krishna Kant Saraswat

    You can try querying "workflows" object to pull the report using the query API, something like below. This will pull all tasks in your vault. You can further filter down workflows based on status and include workflow_completionDate__v to pull the incremental data.

    https://{vault_domain_name}/api/v19.3/query?q=select workflow_document_id__v, workflow_initiator_name__v, workflow_name__v, task_name__v, task_creationDate__v, task_assignee_name__v from workflows where workflow_status__v='Complete' and task_status__v = 'Completed'


    All fields that can be queried on workflows are provided in the link here. https://developer.veevavault.com/api/18.3/#retrieve-document-workflow-metadata


    Note: I am not from Veeva and these are my individual comments.

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    Mary P


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    Benoit Coppens

    Thanks a lot Krishna. I will try that.

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