Veeva CRM Presentation field indicating iPad model

There is no reliable way to get the iPad model within a presentation. Apple seems to intentionally hide that information from websites* so developers can't find this information themselves from within Veeva CRM. This information can be revealed by native iOS applications though, such as Veeva CRM, so we suggest Veeva CRM application provide a way to show developers that information.

Knowing the specific iPad model wasn't necessary before since Veeva CRM displayed all presentations in 1024x768 windows and handled artifacts from iOS UI's accordingly. Now that there is iOS Resolution field, in particular "Device Resolution" & "Scale to fit", knowing the iPad model becomes particularly important.

Case in point, iPad Pro 13" 2017 and 2018 models each have the same resolution and device information, but have very different UI's. 2017 has a home button and 2018 has a bar intermittently visible on the bottom of the screen which can occulde content.

While the iOS Resolution 1024x768 setting gives ample black space around Presentation's so the bar isn't an issue some client's find there is too much unused space and would like presentations to fill available space. This presents an issue since we can't fill all space on 2017 iPads without having some content covered by the bottom bar in the 2018 model.

Having some way to see the iPad Model from within a Veeva Presentation would give developers the ability to handle such situations themselves at least.

Thanks for reading and considering!

* User agent string is generic between iPad and iPhone, GPU and CPU information is also generic e.g "Apple GPU"


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