Update to participant panel options

Image 1: ideal state

Image 2: current state prompting enhancement request

Hello - I'd like to request a feature enhancement within Vault PromoMats to allow for a default or configurable option to manage the 'every user,' 'any user' or 'available to any user' selections within the reviewer participant panel. 

Currently, we have a grouped set of 6 reviewers, and if a user overlooks the 'every user' setting, or selects this by accident, the document will be sent to all 6 participants in the group. To remove user error and a lot of frustration when participants have to be manually cancelled from the workflow, it would be helpful when this group is selected to either lock the default option to 'any user' or to allow for a configuration that would remove the option altogether to default to 'available to any user.'

Our managed services partner is aware of this request, and at his guidance I am submitting this here for your consideration. 


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