Getting Error : [Unknown or unsupported query object [group_membership__sys]

I am currently using the below VQL in our Java SDK Code to get group data : SELECT group__sysr.id FROM group_membership__sys WHERE user__sysr.id = '2252157'. But on running this Query i am getting below error :

We could not save "Request Form" for the following reasons:

This operation could not complete successfully. You may need to contact your vault’s administrator about this Java SDK code error caused by: [Unknown or unsupported query object [group_membership__sys]] com.veeva.vault.custom.triggers.DataValidation Error Id: [b6c6c099-9c3f-4b57-a476-e7af1a1120a0]

But this query is working fine with Postman API call.i s there any other possible way to use it in Vault Java SDK code


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