PromoMats-CRM Integration - Duplicate Check on Presentation ID field

We have a native / ootb integration between PromoMats and Veeva CRM in place. The entire integration has crashed for a couple of times, impacting hundreds of internal and external users, because the same presentation ID was associated with multiple CLM docs (multi channel presentations) in PromoMats. Would it be possible to implement a duplicate check for that field in PromoMats preventing users from entering same ID multiple times and causing a sync failure with CRM?

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    Mette Wagner

    An automated duplication check would be great - we also face this problem from time to time, despite having this as a mandatory information when we train agencies. It often happens when an agency copies and earlier MCP as the basis for a new material, and then they never get around to updating the presentation ID - sometimes in the past theyeven used the ID in their HTML code and so if you as customer remove the presentation ID the HTML functionality failed.

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