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Field Dependencies - Add "If Country" Condition




  • Adam McMillan

    The lifecycle field dependencies feature is intended to work similarly to Atomic Security (where you control field access according to Lifecycle State and Role). It will not be extended to include Country or any other field.

    However, in combination with other field dependencies, it may do what you need. It depends what your exact use case is / desired effect. If we start there, I might be able to suggest a configuration for you.

  • Borovsky, Jindrich

    Hi Adam,

    let me try with our use case. We have a role of Content Steward who needs to be able to see and edit specific fields for Materials in AFP and AFD states, hence the configuration below. However what happens is that they see more than just the fields we specified in those conditions. So we'd like to hide those extra fields that show up by putting in another condition(s) but cannot hide them all by default. Some of those extra fields have to be visible for some markets and some not. To configure that properly we'd need to add Country into the filters... hope this makes sense?



  • Adam McMillan

    So the requirements are:

    • When document is in State X,
    • users in Role Y will see fields: A, B, and C
    • they will not see D, E, F,
    • and they will see additional fields only if certain countries are selected

    For the country specific fields, should those be visible regardless of the document's State? The user's Role would only have Edit Fields in certain states anyway right?

    So you could set up regular field dependencies to control the country specific fields,
    then use Lifecycle Field Dependencies to make fields hidden/read only in specific states for specific roles (i.e. in the states those roles have Edit Fields access).



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