PPAP Solutions



I am curious how others are managing PPAPs in Vault.

We have used binders, however this presented problems as they are Documents and not Objects. Therefore we cannot easily create a formatted output of our Supplier Meeting records, which can reference all the quality event and deviation type objects we want, while also relating PPAP binders to the meeting and pulling their information into the FO.

Now, we are looking at Expected Document Lists (EDLs) but are meeting challenges there as well. Namely, each EDL item is a PPAP element and dispositioning the EDL Item can't push the matched Document itself into a new state. I'm leaning toward having the PPAP Element document lifecycle have a single, uneditable state. Then subsequent revisions of the element (if a PPAP is rejected and a new copy of whatever document is needed), the Supplier simply uploads a new document. The names of the documents are automatic "PPAP Element {#######}" so the most recent version is just whichever element has the highest number.

Creating a PPAP object and just using attachments was not a good solution as there is limited security behind attachments.

Any ideas or overviews of how you achieve this would be appreciated.


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