Add Details of HCP email field that is used to Populate To_address on Sent_Email Object

Hi Team,


Currently if more than one HCP emali field are exposed on Approved email module, Rep can chosse any one and send out an email to that HCP but on the related Sent_email record its not visible which email field was used to send out this approved mail. It will be useful to capture this information on Sent_email object that can help business drive intelligence from the Sent_Email on which HCP email field are used commonly to send out an approved email.

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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Nitish,

    This functionality is available today.

    Please ensure that the users sending Approved Emails have Edit FLS to Email_Source_vod__c field on Sent_Email_vod__c object. Whenever the user will send an email, the system will populate the source of the email address in this field.



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