Send notification to person object via trigger

Hi Team, I'm looking for a solution where I can send notification to the Person object(person__sys) users via trigger when record move to the closed state. The person details are in system and they can't access system so Only we want to send them email notification when record moves to the close state. I was trying with below reference https://repo.veevavault.com/javadoc/vault-sdk-api/20.1.0/docs/api/com/veeva/vault/sdk/api/notification/package-summary.html Thanks in advance


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    Sameer Mehta Official comment

    Hi Jhansi,

    To send a notification only via email you can use the setNotifyByEmailOnly method of Notification Parameters. To run the trigger code only when the record moves to the closed state, you should use the update Record event and then check the status value by using the getValue method on the recordChange. For more examples of record triggers, you should take a look at this sample project: https://github.com/veeva/vsdk-object-sample. Hope that helps!




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    Matthew Porter

    Another option is a "No Code" option. You could use Zapier to send the email when a record reaches a closed state.

    If you'd like more details, feel free to reach out to me direct.



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