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Make Lightning Files Related List & Lightning Files Libraries available on iPad



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    Rahul Anand

    Hi Samuel and Kamila, 

    Thank you for this idea.

    We do realize the importance of SF Files when transitioning to Lightning and its availability across the platforms. We are taking a phased approach and currently updating the Attachments related list on (iPad & WM) to upload Documents as Files if the user is configured for Files in Salesforce (online).  This enhancement is in development and planned for a release in 2021. With this update, you should be able to fully migrate to SF Files Online as the Attachment related list will support both viewing and uploading Files.

    For future phases, we are planning to support Files related list and Files Tab (with Libraries) on offline devices (iPad and WM) but we do not have a release timeline yet.


    Rahul Anand

  • Kamila Goldova

    It's a must-have when you would like to start use Lightning


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