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Why we need to uncheck Prevent Cross-Site Tracking in iPad to active Dynamic Attributes


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    Camila Muse

    MSD Japan IT,

    Thanks for your input.

    It's currently a known issue that Visualforce Page on iPad is not supported in the Lightning Experience. As a result when a Visualforce Page is accessed it requires users to login again. Salesforce recommends a few settings on iPad/Safari in this article which may resolve the issue. Salesforce also recommends to use iOS 13.x (iPadOS 13.x) for Lightning Experience. 
    So, in summary you should change these Safari settings.
    • Turn OFF
      • Block All Cookies
      • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking
      • Private Browsing
      • Block Pop-ups (Pop-up blocking can prevent some pages from opening in a new tab.)
    • Turn ON (available in iOS 13.x)
      • Require Desktop Website
    If you still face any issues after making the Safari settings changes I suggest you submit a ticket to Veeva Support. I hope that helps.

    Could you kindly share the reason that your iPad users are trying to view Dynamic Attributes on the browser instead of the Veeva CRM App? Understand this will help us prioritize engineering time.



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