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Target Subscription Fields




  • Official comment
    A Mu

    Yes, it will include records where any value has changed.

    As long as the updated data during delta will be exported, it just means that the fields contained in the export file can be selected through this option.

  • Fernando

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for sending your question out through the portal. Unfortunately, the answer from A Mu is not totally accurate. We enhance this behaviour in recent past releases and indeed records are filtered out in the delta if none of the fields selected in the export changed.

    So, a record will not be included in the next delta if for example the HCO_field__v/__c has changed but it is NOT selected as one of the fields being exported.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Yashodeep Chikte

    Fernando  can you please confirm the final answer i believe your answer is incorrect and A Mu's answer is correct 


    if i set only the VID field for the HCP to export then based on what Fernando is saying a record will only be exported if the VID for a record is changed, however you can test this to be incorrect, making a change to the specialty field and running the target subscription will show you that the exports file will contain the VID for the record where the specialty was changed even though the VID is the exact same and specialty is not part of the export 

    let me know if i am missing something 

  • Fernando

    My previous answered is correct. The target subscription has digest filters that will only export records if the fields selected for export changed. If other fields not selected for export change the records should not be exported.

    Yashodeep Chikte in the scenario you described we never had a target subscription only exporting VID. What is the point of only exporting the ID and not any other field which is the data needed?

    However, if you do a real test about having specialty, and other fields selected to export and something else changes and the record is exported please open a support ticket for us to review because the functionality should behave as I described.


  • Sharath Ballari

    Hi Fernando,

    We have seen a scenario where the record was extracted from the Target subscription and exported to the target system when the customkey was added on the address record by the API call from the CRM system and the modified date (part of the export fields in the Target subscription) of the Account changed and this update doesn't show in the revision history & the CRM customkey source type isn't part of the customkey export fields.

    Since the modified date of the entity HCO is part of the export fields, any changes on the customer changes the modified date of the Account and record gets triggered from the subscription?.

    #960413 support veeva ticket was already opened to keep track of this. Awaiting your valuable inputs.




  • Fernando

    Hi Sharath Ballari,

    I'm following up the ticket mentioned. I will be reviewing everything but all the details about this use case are explained there.



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