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Managing Primary Address Flag in Network




  • Edward Reilley

    Hi Yashodeep,

    Can you contact me @

    Thank you,

  • Jessie Hooker

    Hi Yashodeep, 

    If you are loading the primary field, the normal source survivorship ranking applies. A higher source rank will update the field.

    If Network has to calculate a primary, only active and valid addresses on the record are considered in the calculation. Addresses where the primary flag is set to "N" in the current change are filtered out from the calculation. If there are multiple addresses to consider, the following criteria are used as tie-breakers until one primary can be found:

    1. Source rank on the primary field
    2. Address rank
    3. Latest time that the primary field was last updated. This is stored internally.
    4. Highest Network entity ID (VID)

    With the Unique Checkbox primary type field, you can also configure when primary address should recalculate. For example, to recalculate when existing primary address become Inactive. Or to never recalculate primary address - the primary address will only update from data update via source subscription, data updater or change requests. 


  • Yashodeep Chikte

    Hello Jessie, 

    the tie-breaker you defined is exactly what we are looking for but we are unable to see this reflecting in network 

    Here is what we tried: 

    1. Created a network-calculated primary field

    2. Set the data source ranking on this field as DS1 > DS2 > DS3 (DS1 has highest priority ie lowest rank)

    3. Created 3 source subscriptions SS1 SS2 SS3 that will read data for each of the 3 systems

    4. Created 3 data files, that have same HCP attributes but each file has a different address from different city (A1, A2, A3)

    5. then we ran the subscriptions in this order 

            SS3 then SS2 then SS1 

    (Note with each subscription run a new address object got added and as per the network portal, addition of a new object should trigger a networ-primary calculation

    Also here we are talking about gray objects OpenData is not involved at all) 

    Expected result:

    After runing SS3; HCP gets Created and A3 is the only address so A3 gets set as the primary 

    Then after running SS2: A2 should get added, Calculation should be triggered, coz DS2 has higher priority, A2 should become new primary address

    Then after runing SS1:  A1 should get added, calculation should be triggered, coz DS1 has higher priority A1 should become the new primary 

    Observerd Result:

    After running SS3 hcp get created and  A3 is the only address so A3 gets set as the primary 

    After running SS2, A2 is added however A2 is not set set as primary and A3 is still the primary address (even though DS2 > DS3 in priority)

    After running SS1, A1 gets added, however A1 is not set as primary and A3 continues to be the primary (even though DS1 > DS3 in priority)

    We have tried this in multiple enviroments and we observed the same results


    Is there something we are missing over here ?



  • Jessie Hooker

    Hi Yashodeep, 

    Could you please create a support ticket with sample files used to update the records?

    Please note that once an entity have a primary address defined, recalculation does not happen when new address is added as we don't want to flip flop the primary address for the entity. Unless the source file is updating the primary address attribute, the primary address will not change even when you're added new higher rank addresses. If the source is updating the primary address attribute, then source rank will decide whether to update the primary address attribute. 



  • Melissa Harmon

    Jessie Hooker Ticket has been created and investigated by Support and forwarded to engineering with further details.

  • Samruddhi Singh Rathore

    Hello Team, 
    Is this query resolved. Our team also has a similar use case as described above. 

    We are getting the address information from 3 to 4 different data sources and would like to select the primary address based on the source priority. 



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