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API to fetch and add security profile




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    Isak Thomas

    Hi Amirtha,

    In order for the Domain User to view legacy user data in other Vaults, the Domain User has to be a Domain Admin and be a user in the Vaults that you want to extract user data from.

  • Amirtha Deepan Nagarajan

    The query was run from an account which is a domain admin and a member of the Promomats vault.

    We only need information about the security profile of the users in the Promomats vault, but the problem is we are getting more than 1 result.

    The user’s security profile in the other vaults is irrelevant to us, we only require information about the user from the Promomats vault.

  • Mark Arnold

    Amirtha, if you want to get user details for a specific Vault, I recommend you query user__sys instead of the legacy user query target. Otherwise you will need to use a WHERE clause to filter the legacy user to a specific Vault.


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