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documentService.createDocuments() and Viewable Rendition




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    Mark Arnold

    Stephen, creating a new document from an existing file source is an async process that does not behave the same way as the UI. The delay you see is expected when creating documents in SDK.

  • Stephen Lisowski

    Thank you Mark.

    The document itself, with the source file, actually does get created quickly.  It's just the viewable rendition that takes a long time to show up.

    I have an app built with vault objects where a new document is created based on activity by the user, then the user needs to go into the document and put annotations on it.  The document exists, but no viewable rendition.  So the user has to wait and come back in an hour or so to complete the process.  Kind of a bad user experience.  It would be nice if there were an option to speed this up.


  • Stephen Lisowski

    Also, note this is a recent phenomenon.  This issue with the Viewable Rendition started happening a month or so ago.  Before that, the Viewable Rendition was appearing immediately, or very quickly.

    Also, now the issue seems to have disappeared.  The Viewable Rendition is now appearing quickly again.


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