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Custom Action on MultiDocument Workflow




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    Isak Thomas

    Hi Soumik,

    Executing a DocumentAction in bulk is not currently supported. Only a RecordAction can be executed in bulk. Here is a good reference to DocumentAction usages:

  • Hi Isak,

    Thanks for the information.

    Now I have created one Record Action, which is visible in MultiDocument Workflow in System Action Step and also it is visible in Object Lifecycle Entry Action of a particular State which is fine.

    However, it is not available in Record Action under the Object Bulk Action. For that do I need to do anything extra or am I missing something?



  • Isak Thomas

    In order to execute a RecordAction in bulk, the specified object that is defined within your RecordAction class has to be associated with a lifecycle. The action has to be defined on the object configuration as well.

    To add the action to the object, navigate to Admin -> Configuration -> Objects -> Your Object and click on the Actions tab and add your custom action there:

    If your object has object types you will have to enable the action for each object type you want to execute the action on by going to the Object Types tab on your object and clicking the Actions selection to toggle to the actions associated with the object. There you can specify which object types you want to execute this action on:

  • Isak Thomas

    Also, ensure that you are using the USER_BULK_ACTION usage notation in your RecordAction class.


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