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Question when uploading unclassified document by RestAPI in Veeva Vault




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    Isak Thomas

    Hi Louis,

    When creating an Unclassified document, the file, type__v, and lifecycle__v body parameters are only allowed:

    There is a subsection in our documentation specifically about creating Unclassified documents through the API:

    I would also recommend using our Postman collection to test as well. This is updated every release to include new platform API features:

  • Louis Zhou

    Hi Isak,


    Thank you for your recommendation. I will refer to suggested API to upload document, i.e.,


    I can use Postman to test the API. However, I am now planning to build the coding program in Java to integrate this API into our internal system. Before the integration, I want to confirm the request body on multipart/form-data format in java for our REST API. Could you please provide a help on this?


    Please kindly refer to below and let me know if any correction is required. Thank you so much!



    Content-Disposition: form-data;name="name__v";





    Content-Disposition: form-data;name="type__v";





    Content-Disposition: form-data;name="lifecycle__v";





    Content-Disposition: form-data;name="file";filename="test.txt";

    Content-Type: text/plain







  • Isak Thomas

    Hi Louis,

    First, I would strongly recommend using Vapil to help you build Vault API calls in Java. Here is the more information about that:

    As far as your API call, it looks fine to me from what I can tell. The main benefit of using the Postman collection is that you can test your parameters for your API call and then code it appropriately. 


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