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Adding multiple document in One object records




  • Krishna Kant Saraswat

    Hi Soumik,

    You can only select 1 document in the Document "object type" field of an object record. If there are multiple documents to be selected, you'll have to create those many document fields on the object.

    Other option, is to have an "Object" type field on documents and you can link the same object record with the multiple documents. This way, all such documents ca be linked to a single object record and also can be displayed in a separate section (by configuring object pagelayout).

  • Hi KK,

    Thanks for such wonderful explanation and the same is working fine.

    Please find the below requirement: 

    "Selecting multiple documents from Document Cart and send the corresponding documents fields to an integration system using some bulk user action."

    As currently bulk action is not possible on documents, we are panning to move with the object records.

    Can you please provide any other suggestion to achieve the above mentioned requirement?

    In addition, also we would like to know if there is any API is available to fetch the document details from Cart.




  • Krishna Kant Saraswat

    Hi Soumik,

    I am not sure if I fully understand the requirement.

    Are you looking for an option to set a field with a specific value for a bunch of documents where users do not have edit permissions ? May be I am oversimplifying your request but if yes, did you try the following option.

    1. Create a new Temp document lfc state, such as "Set Integration Field".
    2. Allow user action for the state change from Start state.
    3. For this new state Entry Action : a> Set a flag on these documents b> Set the field value c> Send the document back to Start state

    NOTE: Update entry action on the Start state to be executed only for document without conditional flag set in temp state and reset flag.

    Or, you can try creating a Record action and following the original approach of linking multiple documents to a single object record, you can try using Record action SDK to update all related documents of that record with any user-input value.


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