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Need a way to differentiate between users who share the same name in org when adding attendees



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    Ann Heslin

    Hi Christopher, 

    Thank you for this suggestion. It turns out that on the User object we have a User Identifier field (User.User_Identifier_vod), which is similar to the Account Identifier field. When selecting a User Attendee on the Call Report on the iPad, the User Identifier and Org will display underneath the User's Name:


    Would this help to uniquely identify Users with the same name, or is more information needed when selecting a User as an Attendee?


  • Christopher Reed

    Hi Ann, 

    What information would be displayed in the User Identifier field? It would be most helpful if it was possible to display the user email address, alias, or title as in this scenario both users belong to the same org. 


    - Chris


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