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Vault Mobile- features suggestion




  • Carlos Martelo

    Hey Anuva, thank you for your suggestions. I will share these with the Vault Platform team.

  • Carlos Martelo

    Hi Anuva, could you provide more info here please?

    Create a doc placeholder

    • What placeholders are you expecting to use in Mobile? What are your most frequently used placeholders? What commercial (or other) use case would this mobile feature be useful in? 

    Edit document metadata

    • Is this for document state changes? For doc classification? Any other field that you think you'd want to edit? During what process would you use mobiles to update metadata? What use cases are you anticipating this being most useful for?

    Start a new doc workflow

    • Any specific workflow you're interested in? Have you migrated completely to OneWorkflow? Could you provide more info on use cases that you would start from a mobile? Where would the document be uploaded from?

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