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Have consent capture information from CRM to Align to be used in MCCP targeting rules Inline Editing of Related Records Field Force Product Inheritance Should Apply to Existing FF Product Assignments Allow Align Territory Map to Display Outlines for various Territory Hierarchy levels / Nodes More accurate control over External URL Call Job Email notification for Job failures Enable Role Management at Country level Reorder opt in / opt out (can opt in be on the top?) Multi select Geography alignments from a list Rename the top territory from 'VeevaAlign' in new territory model Improve Search Capability to find report names containing specific strings or created by specific user in Reports tab Would like to setup the Align Version in Veeva Need to enable Multi Selection on the Feedback page for end-users Additional Show/Hide End Dated records functionality Data Mapping for Account Territories Source field in Align Smart execution of scheduled alignment processes Make CRM System fields e.g. CreatedDate available for mapping