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Display additional document attributes in TMF Viewer Community Guidelines Previous Versions Metadata not accurately displayed in Report Workflow Chevron Consistency Ease of refreshing particular items from Production to Sandbox env Enhanced Security Settings for "Any document lifecycle" Workflows Sending message through User Profile <Vault> Bulk Action for Object record audit trail downloading Audit Trail Report / Add two new Filters in Document Audit History under Logs Auto-detect duplicate references / supporting materials in Vault AH Backup package automatic creation Fail all deployment when there is an error in package Package creation ease Create Health Authority Question by selecting text in Correspondence Japanese Documents needs to be searched by the numeric part of the legacy document Numeric Part of the Legacy Document Number Ability to filter document library using the classification Multiple versions of same document in binder section Falsh Dashboard Export document in docx format with annotations "Create Email Fragment" limited by required custom fields Field Layout - for different regions Increase entries per Filter for Reports System generated permalink to the last major version of document Compare Versions - Export User Profile Preset templates for different types of business roles Create the ability for users to search for all versions of a document from the Library view Potential integration with Adobe Sign or Docu sign Ability to add section headers to user action dropdowns when selecting a workflow MDCC - Configure "Documents to be Released" filter Add visual cue in Studio Schedule for row and column