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Send as Link Matus Druska 0 comments 7 votes
Adding Participants of an additional capacity to an open MLR Approval Workflow Brianna Healy 0 comments 0 votes
Better solution for Deleting Milestones/EDLs in eTMF Anbarin Farrukh 0 comments 0 votes
Add Fira Sans as a standard font. Lisa Kingston 1 comment 0 votes Under Consideration
Trash bin in Vault (visible to Vault Owner only) Antonio Stassi 3 comments 0 votes Answered
Wildcards on URS Antonio Stassi 2 comments 0 votes Answered
Notification to Workflow Participant Olivier Melis 1 comment 0 votes
Advanced Signature Page and IE 11 Jo Anne Schiliro 0 comments 0 votes
Exact Search for Document Metadata Field MDNZ (Mohd Shoeb Naziri) 2 comments 0 votes Answered
Okta authentification for File Manager Landry Le Chevanton 1 comment 0 votes Implemented
Transfer Word file properties to PDF viewable rendition Sandro Usala 2 comments 1 vote Under Consideration
Display whole numbers in charts Joanna Torzewski 1 comment 0 votes Under Consideration
Allow Multi-Select for language__v Field Takeda Medical Affairs 0 comments 0 votes
Person object reference fields: mouseover formatting Kevin O'Brien 0 comments 0 votes
Feature for restricting Delegate Access to Specific User Roles Rakesh Nayak 2 comments 1 vote Answered
New Vault Enhancement Request: Support Ticket #453225 GTC-User 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Make a Copy option from the action menu to copy fields set as “Read only” or “Hidden” Somnath Matere 1 comment 0 votes Under Consideration
Add the report extract as an attachment in the email notification Vijay Gadigeppa 1 comment 1 vote Under Consideration
Print of compare versions Marianne Wrang 0 comments 0 votes
Print Options for Document Metadata Bharani PJ 0 comments 0 votes
Add Title / Description of QE to Task / Notification View Dan Robinson 0 comments 0 votes
Submissions Archive - content preview pane in Tree View Patty Paulete 4 comments 2 votes Under Consideration
Product data removal label cannot be refreshed in time SRVCNVEEVA 0 comments 0 votes
Vault Object Lifecycles - allow date to be set to blank Trevor 0 comments 0 votes
Standard vs. Multi-doc WF Task Metadata Consistency Kevin O'Brien 1 comment 0 votes Under Consideration
Reporting: Formatting Excel nathalie.sarron 1 comment 2 votes Under Consideration
Vault Notifications access Marisa Cole 1 comment 1 vote In Progress
Future request to introduce the functionality to add Timezone in overlay footer truVault AS Support 1 comment 0 votes Under Consideration
Filter for separating Tasks as 'My Task' and 'Delegated Tasks' Rakesh Nayak 0 comments 0 votes
Send as Link for objects Ananya-Kumar Sahoo 3 comments 0 votes Answered