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Life cycle tweaking/copying Froilan Ordonez 0 comments 1 vote
"Steady State Only" filter in Document Picker 4 comments 0 votes Answered
Document Audit Trail to include QC-Review fields CIT_Veeva_Support_Notifications 0 comments 0 votes
Add Comments Field to eSignature Workflow CIT_Veeva_Support_Notifications 0 comments 0 votes
Controlled Printing for Controlled Copies Ganesh Kannanvijay 0 comments 0 votes
Enhancement needed to Controlled Document Templates 3 comments 1 vote Answered
TMF Viewer - add to cart and perform bulk actions Pawel Rucki 0 comments 0 votes
Additional report options (fields Renditions and Supporting Documents) Evgeniia Bogaichuk 1 comment 0 votes Under Consideration
Allow Users with Delete Permission to Delete Documents without Removing from Binders first Daniel Carrig 2 comments 1 vote In Progress
Question for Audit trail fields Ansoo Kim 1 comment 0 votes
Standard Button Translations John Choo 0 comments 0 votes
'Portal widget contents' for previews Pranil Kamble 1 comment 0 votes In Progress
Object Workflow Task Due Date John Choo 0 comments 0 votes
Update Field Dependencies in bulk MedComms IT Support Team 1 comment 1 vote Answered
Send as link Sentha Karuppiah 0 comments 0 votes
Better Filtering Capabilities in Annotation Viewer Karen Martinez 0 comments 2 votes
Formatted Output to have Word document Format Yuvi 0 comments 0 votes
Prevent Canceling Workflow Task for the Objects Yuvi 0 comments 3 votes
Scheduled job for EDL creation Morag Casey 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Make Version comments required when upload new version Vincent Chan 0 comments 0 votes
Dynamically auto name documents when reusing content Jennifer Arters 0 comments 0 votes
When searching the object description should show completely. Prakash Deshmukh 0 comments 0 votes
Object Record Names > Allow Auto-Rename of System Managed Name Field Alyson Casey 0 comments 0 votes
QMS Urgent Enhancement Request - Associated Records Link Youngyoon Park 2 comments 1 vote Under Consideration
Multi Document Workflow : Initiate Workflow with over ride rule Ananya-Kumar Sahoo 0 comments 0 votes
Separate Roles for Originator per each Process Youngyoon Park 0 comments 1 vote
Ability to show custom fields in User Profile Page Surendrababu, Samyuktha 2 comments 1 vote
Need label field type while creating the fields for Objects Prakash Deshmukh 0 comments 0 votes
Way to get metrics on users completing task by task due date Ronald Hernando 1 comment 1 vote Answered
Audit Trail for DCC and DCR Taus Ahmed 1 comment 0 votes In Progress