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Display additional document attributes in TMF Viewer Eugenia Chan 1 comment 0 votes Implemented
Community Guidelines Mary P 0 comments 1 vote
Requests to Enhance the Enhancement Requests Ted Trost 7 comments 8 votes Answered
Send as Link Matus Druska 0 comments 7 votes
Can we add a way to Sort by documents within binders? Joann Tien 6 comments 7 votes Answered
Reassigning Workflow Owner Erin Putnam 6 comments 7 votes In Progress
Ability to start a workflow from a Bulk Action Agnieszka Murias 3 comments 6 votes
Automatically Deactivate users Victor Para 0 comments 5 votes
Ability to Report on Attachments Casey Ryan 5 comments 5 votes Under Consideration
Expand all in object views Trevor 1 comment 5 votes Answered
User Export to include Group Membership CIT_Veeva_Support_Notifications 8 comments 5 votes
Change Workflow Owner Sean Liu 5 comments 4 votes
"Navigation arrows" for highlighted differences during version comparison Pavol Lim 2 comments 4 votes Under Consideration
Binder - Add Existing Documents Functionality Manish Kumar 7 comments 4 votes Under Consideration
Add an Operator "does not include" CSMS Support 1 comment 4 votes
Binder Reporting - to show all of the subsections within a binder? Rachael Musacchio 5 comments 4 votes Answered
Submit Documents to a WF in Bulk CSMS Support 2 comments 4 votes Answered
Create or Edit Email Fragments with BEE Editor Tim Bailey 1 comment 4 votes Under Consideration
Option to have expiration job process steady state version, not current version Tim Bailey 0 comments 4 votes
reclassify bulkly Karthik BB 3 comments 4 votes Answered
Download document versions compare Kevin Ardoullie 2 comments 4 votes
SubmissionArchive Viewer - Navigation Requests Ronald Hernando 2 comments 4 votes
Submissions Viewer Jonathan Thibault 2 comments 4 votes
Please stop using Recent Documents as the default view - should be All Docs Nancy Castle 2 comments 4 votes
Bulk Document Actions for Users with External license type (Agencies) Borovsky, Jindrich 0 comments 3 votes
Bulk Download of Thumbnails and Viewable Renditions via API Borovsky, Jindrich 0 comments 3 votes
Limit Automated Image Renditions based on file size Borovsky, Jindrich 0 comments 3 votes
Enhancements for Automated Image Renditions in PromoMats Borovsky, Jindrich 0 comments 3 votes
Ability to restrict access to Web Action Borovsky, Jindrich 6 comments 3 votes Answered
Custom icon for Web action in PromoMats Borovsky, Jindrich 0 comments 3 votes