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Community Guidelines Give control to show/hide tabs in iPad Ability to report on "Custom Free text" in Approved email Requesting Remote Signature Capture feature for Consent Management Bricks to Terr - Enhancement Schedule option to run Territory Assignment Rule. Global Account Search Territories Utilities Slowness Triggering Airprint module is not available from within the CLM presentation view Remove Go Online option from More Actions menu Add additional field to report type 'Sent Email History'. Address drop down values configurations on Call page Email - Adding "cc" Survey - New Question type "Rating" Automated Email Receipts once the Multichannel Consent is Opted-in Allow different Email Receipts by Consent Type Speaker Notes Availability in CRM Decoupled Create Unverified Include 3rd party record types record types Clickstream tracking for CRM Desktop app (Windows and Mac) Alert before order submission Extend custom search layout support to DCR OOTB VF Pages Rendering a custom Link on the Veeva CRM iPad app Higher than Normal API Usage by QR Code job (i.e.QR Sign-in Process) Default Language of Consent Capture to Account Language Ability to differentiate between organization recipients and person recipients on group emails Rich Text in Events Management emails Field History Tracking for Events Management and Related Objects Role access required in Sphere of Influence My Setup - Filter by Country Allow customers to make promotional product mandatory before submitting a call