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Community Guidelines Ability to DELETE/REMOVE child account members in Veeva CRM App on iPad Events Color Customization based on the event status Have the event name and date time printed on QR Code of the event Approved Links - Signature Capture "any time" before delete triggers on transactional objects Display Walk-In information in Attendee reconciliation page IDN Key Account Management CRM Vault Metadata synch - Product status to be synched Report on Inventory Monitoring Attachments Directly Using Veeva CRM Approved Email Unsubscribed all check box Approved Email Fragment Column Sorting Support lookup filters in Order_vod__c object Call Cycle - Copying Children Chat Monitoring Engage and My Veeva Reschedule button enhancement in EM Events Lock approved and fulfilled inventory orders from editing CRM Product Enhancement FaceID sign-in after logout improvement Setting to delete Events without deactivating triggers Approved Email - Allow attachments outside of email fragments Improve user experience for "Provisioning Failed" error in Virtual Event Prevent the submitter from choosing himself as the approver Audio confirmation new feature - possibility to on or off Allow EM Event Speaker fields on Email Invitation Templates Remove Unlock with password option while trying to exit from sign-In sheet in Events Remove Unlock with password option while trying to exit from Generate sign-In sheet in Events Generate sign list and attendee certificate only for specific status attendees/speakers Allow CustomContent Approved Email Token in Email Fragments Ability to add fields in Approved Email UI