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Community Guidelines Need a way to differentiate between users who share the same name in org when adding attendees Stakeholder Navigator Hierarchy views to be improved Enhancement to follow up feature is needed Update Veeva Advanced Account Search functionality Add New Event button onto Veeva My Schedule Page Require Product Discussion OR CLM Add or remove fields from the Send Email page Tokens in Suggestion Survey entry point other than Dismiss for Suggestion Call discussion should be required for the respective products chosen in call detail section of the Medical calls with interaction. Regarding Group Call from Online Add a Priority field to the Call Followup section CRM Medical Insight Clone Feature Increase the limit of records displayed per view Clone Medical Insights Enhancement in Call Report and Media Page Enhancement suggestion on CLM slide usage Improve "request" type approved email token Increase City_vod__c field limit in address Object Allows Users to Compose Emails Directly From New Email Tab in VEEVA CRM App Enable Network Account Search with Global Account Search Coloring of Suggestion records Customize fields on Call panel in Account timeline Support Rich Text Fields on Account DCR Page My Customer page 'Territory' drop down alphabetical order sorting Sphere of Influence...Option to change the icon color and Color of Connection arrows. Visibility of territory name in List Views Require Medical Discussions on Call for Browser Need more filterable fields in VF of EM's Manage_Attendees_vod