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CRM Product Suggestions Moving to Veeva Connect Bulk SMS in Veeva Event Management Send BRC-s to Event location (Ship To Location of BRC) Engage Connect - Chat and Whatsapp bi-directional Listening Approved Email: Save the draft of the email while opt-in of the doctor is asked Apex Trigger Code Need Improvement Allow Users to set an event as 'Favorite' or star them Requesting HCP Search feature in Sent email tab Engage Experience Rating Prompt - Enable option for additional questions Suggestion Agenda question Setup for Offline Validation Rules on Sphere of Influence Approved Email Admin Setting Name Change Subjects Linked to Fragments Enhancement suggestion on Concur Submission status Supporting default values for dependent picklists on iPad Syncing Tasks on iPad Enhancement suggestion on Window CRM Desktop App Enhancement suggestion on Window CRM Desktop App Pending Survey option is not available while creating a call from events in iPad Make Suggestions available in read-only mode Enhancement to add HCO as recipient for Promotional Items in Non person account call Add ability to have Breakout room/s in Engage Meetings Sample Signature Share Link Need a way to differentiate between users who share the same name in org when adding attendees Stakeholder Navigator Hierarchy views to be improved Enhancement to follow up feature is needed Update Veeva Advanced Account Search functionality Add New Event button onto Veeva My Schedule Page Require Product Discussion OR CLM Add or remove fields from the Send Email page