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Community Guidelines Rendering a custom Link on the Veeva CRM iPad app Higher than Normal API Usage by QR Code job (i.e.QR Sign-in Process) Default Language of Consent Capture to Account Language Ability to differentiate between organization recipients and person recipients on group emails Rich Text in Events Management emails Field History Tracking for Events Management and Related Objects Role access required in Sphere of Influence My Setup - Filter by Country Allow customers to make promotional product mandatory before submitting a call Allow Individual Call Detailing on Group Interactions with HCP as Parent Make fields and conditionally visible in iPad ‘My Schedule’ UI Suggestion Ability to test/troubleshoot Engage using the "Log-in As" feature AOC and Engage During Veeva Merge Delete In Progress MCCP Target Events Home Page Tiles Enable end users canceling scheduled emails Events Management: Move EM User and Event Country Config to User object? Third Party Signature While Sampling New Parent Search Results Preference Centre for managing consents QR Code optional on signature page Allow adding custom fields to the Suggestions Page Layout Account Edit DCR Page to enforce data validation and validation rules Free Rich Text supported for Approved Email for Events Management Clone Custom Veeva Settings Option Account Plan List View in Veeva CRM iPad Application MC Cycle Plan Widget on Interaction Page Layout Standard Metrics !!WRONG!! translation in Greek