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Increase the size of the box area in HCPs signature Liliana Quintana 0 comments 0 votes
Show Week day when creating time off territory Ursula Hillenbrand 0 comments 1 vote
Validation Rules for online and offline systems Hina Asim 1 comment 0 votes
Increase limit of Disclaimer field Vanessza Cseik 0 comments 0 votes
Future suggestion posted date Ambika Nanda 0 comments 0 votes
(iRep) Colorcode Customerlist in Call Schedule SBMS-Global Moelnlycke 0 comments 0 votes
Link database update Adji Djigal 0 comments 0 votes
Change layout on Add Survey Target Jana Seketova 0 comments 0 votes
Online with Network: Adding 'Out of Territory' Accounts from 'Member of' and 'Members' sections Steve Rodrigues 0 comments 0 votes
"OR" search criteria when creating My Account Views Pablo Requena 0 comments 1 vote
Black screen appearing while switching between 2 slides within the CLM on windows surface device Creative Capsule 0 comments 0 votes
Customize Potential Duplicates Search Results Fields in PAW and NAW Pablo Requena 0 comments 0 votes
Events Management: Speaker choice priority Steve Rodrigues 0 comments 0 votes
Select the hospital not under the user's territory when create DCR BMS China Support 0 comments 0 votes
Followup eMail sending - Only Active eMail address Philippe Remen 0 comments 0 votes
Color change for Business Accounts in View hierarchy. Harsha BR 0 comments 0 votes
Allow zero quantity on materials dropped Jazz Pharma 1 comment 0 votes
Product Metrics Updated from Call Report James Oldbury 1 comment 4 votes
Med Info Request and Med Insight on Submitted Calls Anthony Lan 0 comments 0 votes
Character Count for Medical Insight Description Field Angela Whitehill 1 comment 0 votes
Allow validate on save/submit to not force a sample limit transaction to be generated Darran White 0 comments 1 vote
Is there a way to add a task offline without having to do it on an unsubmitted call? Ginger Mitchell 0 comments 0 votes
Permit Re-ordering of Media List View Angela Whitehill 0 comments 0 votes
Allow Medical Inquiry offline delete Alankar Pote 0 comments 0 votes
Allow for the removal of "Members/Members Of" accounts in iRep Simon Yeung 0 comments 0 votes
Users should not be able to convert saved Calls to planned Calls Marius G. 0 comments 0 votes
Re-ordering of tabs on the homepage Phillippa C Scott 0 comments 1 vote
Suspend function for pending DCR changes Simon Yeung 0 comments 0 votes
Hep Text in Account Wizard VECTOR Team 0 comments 0 votes
User Fill Name on IPad homePage M. Alamer 0 comments 1 vote