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Fix Column width on My Setup page Slava Mrvova 0 comments 15 votes
Dynamic Product Logos for Sampling Will Allbright 0 comments 2 votes
Custom Field for Phone displaying in the Classic View on iPad Yun Seong 0 comments 0 votes
Open Activities and Approval History related list offline Laurent Doppler 1 comment 1 vote
CRM - My Accounts - Scheduler should be able to save calls on Saturday EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler) 0 comments 0 votes
Synchronisation request running for too long Laurent Doppler 0 comments 0 votes
Scheduler - colour base on type of activity Jana Seketova 0 comments 0 votes
Select Product detailing for attendees in Group calls in the CRM for iPhone app BAU Service 0 comments 0 votes
同步报错_错误提示需要翻译成中文 Min Yu 0 comments 0 votes
increase text area visibility Tan Mui Qoon 0 comments 0 votes
Update Attendees on Call with CLM Diane Vaughn 0 comments 1 vote
是否能将“添加拜访”这个字段从产品的层面将其删除 iPad CallCenter 0 comments 0 votes
Account creation wizard - restrictive filter on record type for parent account Julie Declercq Abdelaziz 0 comments 2 votes
Product Order Allocation to display only current allocations Diego P. Bacigalupe 0 comments 1 vote
Allow users to configure fields on sample lot section in my sample page Madhu Navuluri 0 comments 0 votes
Addition of 'External Id' field in Account Lookup search layout (Along with Name and Account Identifier) on New_Child_Account_vod Visual Force Page Amrish Arivazhagan 1 comment 0 votes
Call samples should not be modified after unlocking the call Ankit 2 comments 0 votes
Veeva Message Object commsdgemea.maintenance 1 comment 0 votes
Submit or Save and 'New' menu option for Veeva CRM Gavin Bridge 0 comments 1 vote
Ship To Location "--None--" value Alankar Pote 1 comment 0 votes
iPad Veeva CRM offline usage for users with too many accounts Guy Galardi 1 comment 5 votes
Ability to prioritize Call Discussions Rob Gooch 1 comment 1 vote
Follow-Up Tasks on Event Attendees Steve Rodrigues 1 comment 0 votes
Allow filtering by Product Strategy when using Apply Product Plan with ENABLE_TACTIC_LIST enabled Steve Rodrigues 0 comments 0 votes
TSF real-time calc to be deactivated Carlos Alejandre 0 comments 0 votes
Allow adding of Venues and Speaker nominations from iPad App Steve Rodrigues 1 comment 0 votes
Improvement for Upload of Base64 encoded User Detail Photos needed Norman Gerber 3 comments 5 votes
Capture user territory in a new field when user deactivated Madhu Navuluri 2 comments 0 votes
Offline Search in lookup fields Carlos Alejandre 0 comments 1 vote
Ability to Expand Text Box in Offline version like in Online. Khasim Khan 0 comments 0 votes