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Community Guidelines Mary P 0 comments 0 votes
My Schedule Event Colors customization Lukas Nano 15 comments 19 votes Implemented
Be able to complete anonymous surveys (not linked to a specific accounts) Leen Bruggeman 11 comments 2 votes Under Consideration
search options for accounts by city and state jim.cocuzza 11 comments 0 votes
Hide Media Button on homepage Drew Ardini 10 comments 0 votes
Events created to Calls in VOD_CALL2_HEADER_CLASS have incorrect OwnerID Marius G. 9 comments 0 votes Answered
View Signatures and Consent Receipt in Multichannel Consent Ramkumar Murugesan 9 comments 1 vote Under Consideration
Auto submit medical inquiries on iRep. Ted Wallach 9 comments 0 votes Answered
Default Record Types for Calls by Account Type Brian Longo 9 comments 0 votes Implemented
Visually distinguish between no consent given yet versus active opt-out Gregory Van Keirsbilck 8 comments 6 votes Under Consideration
Immediately launch single slide presentations. David Wright 8 comments 0 votes Answered
Dynamic Link-Name/Label in eMail Fragment Masters / AE token Jan-Marcel Kolbe 7 comments 1 vote Answered
Capture Product Metric in Call Details Sunny Tran 7 comments 7 votes Under Consideration
Network Integration: Parent HCOs to Territory when Adding an HCP needs more info Steve Rodrigues 7 comments 0 votes
Approved Email subject personalization via configuration tokens USACD - veeva support 7 comments 0 votes
Allow for walk-ins (un-planned attendees) for Medical Events Steve Marks 7 comments 0 votes Answered
iRep Schedule Colors - dl-pfizer_injectables_veeva_support 7 comments 1 vote
Disable Navigation Bar on CLM Andriu Urbina 7 comments 0 votes
My Schedule - Sharing Permissions jim.cocuzza 7 comments 0 votes
Accessing Medical Event Attendee Signatures Online Rick Sternquist 7 comments 0 votes
Vinsights - Ability to create Time Periods pgovil 7 comments 1 vote
CRM - New Feature Request: Customizing the Expense Object on a Call Report Charles Messenger 7 comments 0 votes
Make it possible for region managers to see a single territory in iRep Bob Steffey 7 comments 0 votes
Tasks on iRep k.kamm 7 comments 4 votes
Event Lists Minesh Patel 6 comments 0 votes Under Consideration
Allow CLM Presentation Grouping on Tile View Kevin Brown 6 comments 4 votes Under Consideration
Best Times Report in CRM Matt Chandler 6 comments 3 votes Answered
Media CLM Search logic Peter Novak 6 comments 10 votes Under Consideration
Call Name to IRep Jessika Andreas 6 comments 0 votes
Calendar Sharing Display Norman Gerber 6 comments 4 votes