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Vault Communities moving to Veeva Connnect! Support for files exceeding 4GB Issues when applying 'In Progress' status filter Doc cannot be retrieved when study-specific filter is applied Null Option for eSignature Template Request for Indexing metrics Default lifecycle for a doc. classification is available for multi document lifecylces Increase limit of documents Document Files section Atomic Security Flash Dashboard to SharePoint Documents Cross Linking in eTMF RM 3.2 Correct error with missing visibility of the fields in workflow setup Compare documents Refine the layout of Trip question response displaying the required issue and or follow up item horizontally Clinical - Study Filter for all TASK types TMF Viewer Edit Columns- Increase Maximun Columns Display as 15 in the Selected Columns Additional language Picklist Option : Burmese OneDrive Integration with iPad Display PDF Portfolios in Veeva Vault distinguish Blinded vs Unblinded documents in VV Allow workflows to choose applicable user groups Identify PDF documents with display issue in an automated way 'send as link' audit trail report for all users for all documents Allow Bulk Reclassify of Documents Verification of Vault to Vault Transfer Additional Language option: Burmese Enable Viewable Rendition for PDFs using Adobe® Extension Levels TMF Viewer Set Default Columns for All Users When Veeva will open the "Document Type Hierarchy" Model to allow customer customize the TMF Viewer?