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It doesn't make sense the Clinical User Task Auto-number is Locked Community product suggestions improvement Hierarchy of security profiles according to the power of their permission set Ability to add the security profile in DAC global assignments/User Role Set Up Token for "Study Number" in Object Message Spell Check for Monitoring Event Reports Use human friendly name when selecting study organisations and monitored visits instead of system ID Report for a list of Documents filed in Multiple Studies Ability to create multiple “Scheduled Data Exports” jobs in the eTMF Vault Veeva Vault eTMF Management Site License Notification/Alerts Matched Documents - Document Scroll Binder export in eTMF - Rendition types limit EDL Name Add Sponsor Name to Upload/Classify Process Ability to Execute Remote Monitoring Workflow on Documents in the Superseded or Obsolete State Complete Button (Document Inbox) Document Number or ID filter in Document Audit History Error Message Needed: Study Site record edit with USN Automatic Reminders - Read & Understood Workflow Merge Documents Feature in eTMF Vault Adding additional feedback to an already monitored document Verdict Added for Monitoring Review Vault to Vault Transfers Additional "Language and Locales" options needed Lifecycle Field Dependency add additional option. Monitor Access prior to study being active Overlays not appearing in viewable rendition eTMF - Study archival for crosslinked documents eTMF - "Snapshot" document relationship enhancement