This section provides solution articles for Veeva CRM Sync issues. Sync is how Veeva CRM mobile devices send and receive data and configuration changes to the online application. Sync requires an active internet connection and the Veeva CRM application to be in the foreground of the device. Types of Sync: *. Autosync - Sends all mobile-created data to the online servers as soon as the data is created *. Incremental Sync - Checks for all new data and configuration changes from the online servers and downloads them to the mobile device *. Database Refresh - Re-syncs all online data and configuration with the mobile database. It is the equivalent of downloading a new database. *. Media Sync - Downloads media content zip files Additionally, different types of VMobile Object Configurations (VMOCs) affect which data from an object is synced to the mobile device. See Types of VMOCs for more information.