Auto submit medical inquiries on iRep.

Auto submit medical inquiries on iRep. This already occurs for calls.

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    Monty Livingston
    We like this idea at Salix, and to take it a step further, would like to see all updates synced up automatically. This is based on the assumption that any single operation that a rep might be performing in the field (adding a doc, adding a new location, updating information about a doc, etc), would not take any longer to sync up than a call or Med Info request.
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    David East
    Compliance has an SLA around these, it is confusing for reps to know that calls auto-sync but other things like this do not.
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    Clark Wilson
    This is important for Pfizer as well, at the least to remain consistent with vMobile.
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    Frank Millheim
    agree, medical inquiries should go asap, in auto-sync, not require a rep to do a manual sync. timeliness matters
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    Tarun Kumar
    This is critical for Bayer HealthCare as related to compliance aspect of using MIR functionality. Auto sync should work on MIR same as on Calls.
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    Paul Weber
    This is critical to Bayer HealthCare as some of the MIR functionality is used to record potential product complaint records as part of a product repalcement interaction. The information needs to be submitted for workflow processing asap and an auto-sync of these transactions would be extremely helpful.
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    Another vote here from Bayer HealthCare. This is a critically important capability.
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    Scott Friedman
    Very important for ARIAD. Was shocked in my implementation when I heard that this did not happen automatically, especially when I heard that it does happen for calls.
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    Dan Kallman
    This feature was included in CRM Version 19, which was released into production orgs on November 15th.