Calendar Sharing Display

I tested the Calendar Sharing option with a customer and they came back to me with following comment:

"It works, but it's not a good solution, because you hardly can't differentiate between the own appointments and these of the reps. The striping is nearly not visible ... Is it possible to change the color of the reps into sth. with much more contrast?"

I tested it by myself and I would agree to the comment. Is there any possibility to configure it or is any update planned in future?


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    Steve Rodrigues

    Agree with this - also would be nice to have the ability for user to hide their own appointments, and only see the other user's.

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    Norman Gerber

    Yes, hiding the own appointments would be really great!

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    Heather Mickey

    The ability to click-through on calendar events would also be useful. It is a functionality in the standard Calendar (based on Hierarchy), but as soon as Shared Calendar is enabled this functionality is taken away and becomes read-only (unable to click-through into event) for all users, even Hierarchy based.

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    Shire ISP CRM Support

    Yes Agree with the idea.It should have option of hiding the existing user's appointments also

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    Heather Mickey

    Any movement on Veeva's side regarding the sharing capabilities of My Schedule? It's a question that keeps coming up from our affiliates.

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    Anthony Lan

    I came across this today as well. It would be great if my own appointments can be hidden or differentiated. Are there any updates on this issue?