Engage meeting online CLM player

Hi Team,

In support to interactivity of the CLM content from one slide to another, Veeva JavaScript library helps with the available functions like gotoSlide(). The same CLM content is not compatible for Engage meeting online as the interactivity is not supportive. 

Will this Veeva JavaScript library compatible in the future releases to aid usage of CLM content for both CLM + Engage Meeting online.


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    Michael Goulart 正式评论

    Hi Sampath,

    Thank you for making this post in the CRM Product Suggestions Community.  We appreciate the feedback.

    The Online CLM Player for Engage Meeting was launched in 18R2 without the support of the Javascript library.  As this was the first release of this feature, we had to limit the scope of the capability but we are very open to and are hoping for feedback that will help shape future features.

    Supporting the JS Library is on our roadmap but not targeted for a specific release at this point.

    May I ask what customer this request is coming from?  You can email me as well @michael.goulart@veeva.com if you prefer.