Direct presentation opening without seeing all thumbnails

Sometimes clients don't want that the full presentation slides thumbnails are seeing when opening the presentation or they think that there are too many steps to open the presentation.

In opposition, they would like, for the sales rep to directly click on the product presentation thumbnail and the presentation to be opened from the first slide without need of seeing all thumbnails, or having to select specific slide to open from.

This would allow a quicker way to access the presentation, saving time on the meeting and avoiding show the whole presentation

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    Thank you for posting on the CRM Product Suggestions Community.  We have an existing configurable option which should support what you are trying to achieve.  Please see the excerpt below from our CRM Online Help documentation:

    Presentation Quick Start

    To eliminate clicking individual slides to launch a presentation, users can quickly start a presentation by skipping the slide sorter view. When enabled, the quick start functionality is available for all CLM presentations. Additionally, the slide sorter view is also eliminated when exiting a presentation. The Actions menu option Slides is replaced with the CLM_Presentations_vod label. Users can still navigate to individual slides within the presentation by using the thumbnail navigation bar via the arrow at the bottom left corner of the screen.

    The quick start functionality is possible when Recording a Call, viewing from the Media tab, and when viewing Training presentations.

    To enable this feature, navigate to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Manage (next to “Veeva Settings”) and enable the CLM Enable Auto Launch Veeva Setting with a check box. This allows users to launch presentations automatically after selecting them.

    Please let me know if I have misinterpreted your requirement.