Add Likert/Rating Scale option to Survey functionality

It would be great to have a rating scale available as one of the survey question format options (example below). Radio button are currently available, but the below format is more compact, user friendly, and common in most survey tools.


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    Sasha Grosman 正式评论

    Hi Steve,

    I hope all is well. Apologies for the delayed response. I'm the Product Manager who owns Surveys functionality.

    Thank you for providing an example, that is always helpful for us to understand the use case. I have some follow up questions to better understand:

    • Using your example: from a data model perspective, how do you see reporting on this grid? Is each row an individual question, or is the grid considered an individual question with multiple weighted answers?
    • How often would a set of questions like this be used? Do you for see this as a common staple in every survey, or would this be reserved for unique cases?