MCCP Calculation should happen based on Call owner and Cycle plan owner.

The cycle plans are owner based, they should not include calls other than the owner. Multichannel Cycle Plan (MCCP) is not based on the call owner now.Please add owner in the calculation logic. When a Channel is Call2_vod ,only the calls created by the cycle plan owner should be calculated and it should calculate the calls created by the previous users for the same Territory . Please change the logic from your side for our org.



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    Michael Goulart 正式评论

    Hi Lokesh,

    Thank you for posting this comment in the Veeva CRM Product Suggestions Community.

    MCCP is designed to be a territory plan, which is why the call calculations are based off of territory match vs. call owner.  This is especially useful if the MCCP needs to be transferred to another sales rep if the territory becomes vacant.

    Can I ask why you would like the logic to be based on call owner?