Organization Account All Attendee Option for Events

When creating an event at a particular organization account it would be great to have the ability to see which organizatoins have affiliations at the Add Attendee screen, select an organization account, and have all the affiliated accounts in that organization be selectable options to add as an event attendees.

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    Dan Kallman 正式评论

    Hi Simon,

    To clarify using an example, is the request that if I'm planning an event at a hospital I should be able to quickly find all accounts at that hospital? Or are you looking for another layer of depth - e.g. I'm planning an event at hospital A, hospital A is affiliated to hospital B, therefore I'd like to invite people from hospital B? 



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    Simon Yeung

    Hi Dan,

    We are seeking both levels. The immediate need is for the first level where a field user can add the organization as the attendee which will translate to all affiliated HCP and Staff being counted as attendees for the event.

    There are also instances where our field users can have several sub-organizations/proffessional staff that are under an umbrella hospital group where they might need to select the affiliated sub-organization and professional staff.

    Let me know if you need any additional details.



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    Dan Kallman

    Thank you Simon,

    We are currently considering how to quickly add all HCPs at an organization as part of the attendee selection process. We have not yet considered the case of adding attendees from a second level affiliation, so thank you for the suggestion. We are targeting some changes to the attendee page for 2019, so we will keep these suggestions in mind as those changes are designed.